What’s a journey without some fun?

Life shouldn’t be just about getting to the destination! Rather, it should be more about enjoying the journey…which would make reaching the destination all the more exciting.

After spending 3 days in Montreal, Canada, we made our way to the United States. The closest border crossing was about 2.5 hours away. We had never crossed any border by road before that, so we were quite excited to see the entry gates. Apparently, it was a small crossing, so had only 3 lanes!
The immigration was smooth and easy. Since I spent quite a lot of time working in the US, the questions were primarily on what I did back then and why I left the US. We were asked to collect our I94 cards from the building next to the gates (there is a small parking area there). It must have taken about 15 minutes overall before we were again on the road…our hotel in Franconia, New Hampshire was still about 1.5 hours away.Just after we hit the road, a bit of snow had started falling…but that’s why we were in New Hampshire (NH) in the first place! We’ve always liked NH, so much so that this was our third time there. We had kept aside 1.5 days in Franconia to visit the famous Omni Resort in Bretton Woods where we had a fantastic time in the fall of 2016.
The weather was so much to my liking that I stopped and got off the car at multiple places (we just had to make sure to switch on the parking lights). The traffic was quite calm and we had enough time to enjoy the views alongside. The entire way was flanked by Mountains and the climate added its own charm to the mesmerizing beauty.One thing I especially loved was the icicles, they were at quite many places and I had never seen them earlier. In fact, I spent a long time admiring them next morning during my quest for Sunrise captures.We had chosen to stay with the Hillwinds Lodge in Franconia because of their good ratings. Another reason was their close proximity to the resort where we had planned to go the next day afternoon, and you must see that post of mine in a few weeks 🙂We reached hotel quite late in the evening, but the journey was every bit enjoyable. I would still classify it as a day when we did a lot of sightseeing!

*I would have loved to add more about our stay in Montreal but tough weather conditions didn’t allow us to explore much there apart from what I have covered already.

40 thoughts on “What’s a journey without some fun?

  1. Road trips are always fun! Also, that first para resonates so much because I too find the journeys more exciting than reaching the destination. And those icicles are jaw dropping. Amazing pics, as always! 😊

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  2. The pictures are gorgeous. Snow covered scenes have a special kind of breathtaking beauty. I cannot believe you took just 15 minutes to get through. That’s so efficient.

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  3. Those icicles look so cool!! We haven’t had proper snow in the Uk for a while now…and when we finally did I wasn’t in the country, I miss it!! Great post!

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