The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway

A must-visit attraction in New Hampshire is the summit of Cannon Mountain at 4,180 feet, the highest ski area summit in the state! The views on a clear day can stretch as far as Canada.

Though this tramway came into existence in 1980, its earlier version which was discontinued because of high running costs (due to non-availability of replacement parts) was the first tramway in America, opening in 1938! Today, the red and yellow cabins (referred to as ketchup and mustard, respectively – because of their color) can carry 80 passengers (70 during winters). Covering a distance of just over 2 miles one way, the journey takes about 10 minutes.

We had taken the ride a few years back also (in the fall), but this time it was to witness the snow from up above. The tickets cost us $19 per person for a round-trip ride. If you are skiing, you can buy a half or full day pass.

If you have been following my trip since last few posts, you would know the temperatures were touching – 27-degree Celsius the time we were there. That had actually inspired me in the first place to take a trip to the peak. I picked up Saru from the hotel (after my morning ritual covered in the last post), and we were on our way to the top around 11 AM. The views during the ride can’t be put down in words! As we were the only spectators going up that time of the hour (rest were all skiers), the tram operator asked me to stand at the back in the cabin as the window was half-open and I could get some great shots. And I sure did exactly that 🙂cannon mountain tramwayThough the views all around were covered in snow, the sun appeared to lit-up some sections of the frames. I must say I did enjoy the 180-degree views, including the fun of some skiers going down the slope underneath the tramway path. I don’t just go crazy with clicking shots, I have formed a habit of enjoying myself first.sightseeing in usabest pictures of natureWhen we reached the top, Saru had to immediately rush into the covered area (houses a warm and cozy ski lodge offering a variety of food, and has restrooms), just because it was too much of a cold to bear. I, on the other hand, warmed myself up and ventured out to explore a bit. Though there are a plenty of trails one could take at the top, it was not the day to even look out for them! I just had to be content with seeing some adults and kids enjoying what they were there pictures of mountains

All the shots are from my erstwhile iPhone 7 Plus

53 thoughts on “The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway

  1. What an adventure worth recording! Thanks for sharing the description as well as breathtaking shots, as I don’t think I would ever venture out in minus degree temperature 🙂 The last shot can inspire poetry!

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  2. I have been waiting for this tramway post, and glad it showed up in my reader today 😀 The views from the top are absolutely stunning. A real-life winter wonderland experience. Haha, sounds like the weather will never be too cold for to out exploring and seeing the sights. Another picturesque post and you never disappoint with your images, Alok 🙂

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  3. It looks like a dream land! I am feeling the cold weather just by looking at the pictures. They are heavenly! With all the details, this article is a handy guide for the tourists.
    I am curious about the Ketchup and Mustard cabins. Why the capacity is less in winter?

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  4. Lovely set of pictures, Alok. In my opinion, from a photographer’s perspective, it was worth every minute. Your post reminded me of a similar trip I undertook a few years ago. The cable car didn’t have any skiers – only the tourists. There was a separate ski lift (just like the one in your pictures) for the skiers. It is incredible to watch the skiers swift through the snow. This trip is firmly entrenched in my mind as the cable car operation had to be suspended all of sudden because of the snow storm.

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