First morning in Hawaii : Sunrise in Honolulu

You might know from my Introductory post in March that we took a 13-day vacation to Hawaii from March 21-April 2. We visited the four islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Kona (in that order), with about 2.5 days spent in each. There are two more islands visited by a few in Hawaii, but Lanai is largely privately owned and Molokai is prohibitively expensive.

We were living next to the world-famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu (capital of Oahu), and not far from other major attractions. I wouldn’t say Manoa Valley Inn, where we were put up, was one of our best experiences in spite of the good reviews it has. The reasons are – they don’t clean the room every day and breakfast starts at 7.30. We had the worst experience with BnB at Maui – Haiku Plantation Inn – there you have to pay $75/per day for getting the room cleaned and breakfast starts at 8am. This was the 2nd time we went with BnBs in our travel history, so we are really skeptical to go with them ever again. Anyway, the spectacular attractions more than made up for these issues.

Since Honolulu is six hours behind EST (Canada time, and with daylight savings), we were wide awake around 4am for an initial couple of days. Guess what we did, which Saru never did earlier? She accompanied me on my morning ritual, watching Sunrise at the Beach 🙂

We had done a lot of research even before landing in Hawaii, and Sandy Beach (Park) around half-hour away from our accommodation was mentioned as one of the best to view Sunrises. Sure enough, we were there the first morning itself. Being right next to the Kalanianaole Hwy, it was easier to reach there with just the GPS location. It is a long park along the ocean with enough parking. There were a few folks around admiring its stunning beauty, and also what was about to add up.

Hawaii is known for beaches with pristine-sands, crystal-clear waters, stunning landscapes, active and dormant volcanoes, gorgeous coastlines, natural waterfalls, and we saw all of that, and much more.

Sandy beach was close to perfect (I will talk about and show a perfect beach in a later post), and we sure did marvel at its spectacular beauty. Here’s the same for you…sandy beach honolulu.jpgsunrise in hawaiibest of oahu hawaiiAround 7.30 or so we made our way back to the inn for breakfast. We had an interesting attraction coming up after that…something that is quite unique by any parameter.

41 thoughts on “First morning in Hawaii : Sunrise in Honolulu

  1. I love the hues of the sky and the ocean in those pictures…and how fast they change, Alok! Sunrise seems to be spectacular…what a delight for a photographer!
    BnB has never fascinated me though some people speak highly about it. Thank you for sharing an honest opinion and other details of your trip.

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    1. My pleasure, Balroop.

      I feel what was the point in paying so much for so pathetic BnBs. You have to adapt to what the owners like – while a hotel conforms to generic standards.

      Thank you for the pictures…the sunrises/sunsets were too beautiful there!

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  2. BnB experiences have been mixed for us as well. While the husband prefers them, I am all for the good old hotels. Those are spectacular captures. Love the hues of the sky and the sea!


  3. Loved these pictures, Alok. Getting that pink and blue combination around dawn is kind of difficult in this part of the world, although I have seen a few pictures by the bloggers in Northern Europe. The closest I ever got was in Jaisalmer with a purplish tint. BTW did Saru enjoy this visit and is it motivated enough to accompany you next time?


    1. Well, I need to mention that I have been experiencing problems in accessing your blog on my WP app. Every time I try to read your blog post, it decides to send me back to the reader. It kind of crashes. I have noticed this for the last couple of post. I also found it happens with a few more blogs. I’m not sure what is causing this issue but I just thought I should let you know.

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      1. Ok, thank you. It seems to be a WP issue, as i myself read from reader sometimes but haven’t noticed this issue. If WP comes out with an update, try with the new version and let me know.


      2. I did think about this but it’s happening only recently and only with a couple of blogs. Will let you know after I update. Thanks for the suggestion.


  4. Spectacular indeed! I loved the different shades across the sky and sea in your photos.
    Wish I too become a morning person to watch the spectacle, sunrise… but I couldn’t make up before 8am


  5. The clicks are subtle yet so dramatic! The colours, the shades the glitter and the gentle lapping of the waves is so calming. Amazing place, equally amazing snaps.


  6. Sometimes in spite of the good reviews we face many inconveniences in trip, especially in hotels. 😦

    Anyways, these are stunning landscapes. Why is it reflecting purple color? Amazing


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