The Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

I had written about the Lower Antelope Canyon a few weeks back. I absolutely loved it!

The other one – called the Upper Antelope Canyon – is just a few kilometers away from it. It is the most visited of the two because of two reasons – first, its entrance and the entire length are at the ground level, thus requiring no climbing; second, the beams of sunlight filtering through the top are more common there.upper antelope canyonI suggest reading my earlier post first as I had given a lot of details there comparing it to its upper counterpart.

Even though the upper is preferred by tourists, I would give a better rating to the lower one, owing to its thrill quotient. Regardless, prefer the summer months to visit as the sunlight creates the effect that would keep you spellbound!antelope canyon page azphotograhpy in antelope canyonIf you love photography, these slot canyons will be a delight to capture at every step of the way. Many people go for dedicated photography tours, as those will give you inputs on prominent locations/settings.

We went with the general tours, as written earlier (you can only go with the tour companies, not on your own).

27 thoughts on “The Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

  1. Mesmerizing!
    Sun light and shadows thus created add to the “drama” quotient of the Canyon.
    Are these sand rocks? I have seen similar patterns in the mountains and rocks at Petra, Jordan.

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  2. Wonderful images, Alok! I visited the canyon and it is indeed delightful. I joined the photographers tour – I have a guide for myself -lol. It was amazing sight!! Thanks for the post, it reminds me of good time visiting Antelope canyon.

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  3. Such delicate photographs of these beautiful formations. Arizona never ceases to amaze me in the diversity of it’s environment. Thank you for sharing these exceptional captures with your lens.

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