Canadian Tulip Festival – Commissioner’s Park

Having seen a bunch of Tulips at Lansdowne Park, our excitement had already started to build-up. The main location, however, was Commissioner’s Park (next to Down’s Lake Pavilion). Had we know about it beforehand, we would have started our experience from here. Nevertheless, we still had a bit of time left on our first day, so we headed to the Commissioner’s Park (just 2.5 kilometers away from Lansdowne Park).

You can go with the official parking there (the charge is $15 per day). However, there are numerous streets around where you can park for an hour for free (the weekends are free anyway). Do you really think people come back within an hour? There were many who parked for even half-a-day. With a world-famous festival going on around, guess nobody really bothers!dow's lake pavilionvarieties of tulips.jpgThis was the location that caught our fancy, and we visited it thrice over the 3 days we spent on the trip. There were long batches of tulips of almost every color and variety.too many tulipstulipsbest tulip festivalbest nature photographnature photograhyThe tulips were marked with their names, some were fancy too – like The Princess. The kids and adults alike were having the time of their lives. We were no different!tulip festival ottawa.jpgThere was information too on the history of the festival and how Britain still contributes every year with a generous gift of Tulips.canada tulip festival.jpg

33 thoughts on “Canadian Tulip Festival – Commissioner’s Park

  1. Beautiful selection of tulip photos once again, Alok. Not too surprised that some people park for half a day there lol. Good to hear you got parking around the area and it looked like Saru enjoyed it. Lovely photo of her. She looks so happy 🙂

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  2. Oh, so good to see the Tulip festival through your post. I had a plan to visit the Canadian Tulip Festival this year but was cancelled due to some reason. Than you for sharing this bright and beautiful post. Who can finish off in an hour with such beauties around? 🙂


  3. What a fantastic array of tulips — all colors and shapes, and rows and rows of them. A wonderful way to enjoy a spring day, thanks for taking us there, Alok.


  4. I have never heard about tulip festival in Canada. Thanks to your post, now I do. The only ones I know are the ones in Holland and Srinagar in Kashmir.


  5. These are eye treating sights and you caught pleasant shots to view! I would spend an entire day if chance to visit and I could feel the commonest.


  6. Awesome!!! thanks for capturing the beauties through your lens. This post revived my memories of visit to the tulip garden at Srinagar two years back.

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