Our best stay yet: Kauai Shores Hotel

I am quite fond of beaches, but most of our stays to date have been anything but on the beach.

When we looked up for hotels in Kauai, we came across the highly-rated Kauai Shores hotel – situated in a small town called Kappa and just about 6 miles from Lihue Airport. Its restaurant and bar is right on the beach (they call it Lava Lava Beach Club), so was expensive even with booking about 3 months in advance – at USD200 per night. But we are not budget travellers as such!kauai shores hotelOur check-in was smooth and we were given a room not far from the beach (in the opposite building to the reception). They have a valet parking facility right outside their reception area; they also bring over the car in a matter of minutes in the morning. The room, I must say, was one of the best we have stayed in so far – quite vibrant with shades of green, white, and others hues that go on beach towels. They also had a couple of chairs outside in a small balcony.beach hotel kauaibeach access hotel hawaii.jpglava lava beach clubI went to their beach each of the 3 nights and mornings we were there. It felt as if nothing else in the world should matter – I just wanted to stay there forever!best kauai hotelmorning in hawaiiEvery morning is different, and there isn’t a better way than to experience it at a beach. Being their private beach, there was not much crowd either – the evenings can be noisy though, as the club might have some event going on.sunrise in hawaiisunrise at the beach.jpgIf I were to rate the hotel, I would go with 4.5 stars. If you look over the Internet, they average 4.2 from thousands of ratings.

*This is not a sponsored post.

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