The credit for starting this blog goes to my wife, Saru Singhal (www.sarusinghal.com), who inspired me to connect with the world through this amazing medium!

I plan to write mostly on my Travels and also on Humor (check ‘Categories’ filter on blog); other posts include Personal Experiences, Lessons in Life, and Health Issues. There are some speeches too (mostly Humorous) from my association with Toastmasters, which i absolutely love. I also write Sponsored Posts for various Brands.

I am lucky to have credibility from fellow bloggers and that reflects in ‘Blogger Awards’ link; additional Testimonials are in the form of Wins in a few blogging Contests, which one can see in ‘Contest Wins.’

Fun is on me, Smile on you! Welcome here 🙂


Twitter handle: thelearningstep

Instagram handle: the_learning_step

P.S. All Images and Content are Copyrighted! There are absolutely no filters on any picture.

199 thoughts on “About

    1. You’re welcome, Rashmi.

      Well, reach and readership comes from writing from your heart (and quality stuff) and i am glad it clicks with my readers.

      Moreover, you have to diversify your writing (write on varied topics) and keep up with the consistency (doesn’t mean you have to write everyday!)

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      1. I know how you have those followers, by just following blindly (like you did with me). If you don’t remember, you just followed me yesterday and unfollowed today because I don’t follow back people like you who just worry about numbers!


      2. You are not getting me – I don’t even follow ppl like you in the first place (you followed and then unfollowed).
        Anyway, enjoy your craze for numbers!


  1. Hey Alok (Want to call you Sir, however, I know you won’t like it :P)
    Loved your work. Your humour and photos are amazing :). Looking forward to read more of your great work 🙂 Thank you for liking my work too 🙂
    Keep Smiling!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. ‘Humor’ and ‘Toastmaster’ are the major terms that made to follow your blog, Sir. 🙂
    I am planning to join Toastmasters in upcoming months. Though the plan is there in my mind since last year but getting it into effect is the real deal.
    This seems to be a light blog to which I am looking forward to get amazing posts to read. 🙂

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    1. Pleasure to have you here, Aditi. I absolutely love Toastmasters and I am the President of the club at my workplace now 😊

      Hope you join soon and benefit from it. Do write to me about your experience after you enroll.

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  3. We had a chance to check out your blog, and we would love to feature one of your new posts on our site (guest post). We have a revenue-share model, so we pay based off of how your post performs. Give our site a glance over, and let us know if you’re interested.

    Happy traveling!



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