Blogger Awards

Liebster Award from Ashish

liebsteraward-alok singhal

Inspiring Blogger from Shilpa

inspiringblogger-alok singhal

Real Neat Award from Andy

realneataward-alok singhal

Liebster from Akiraa

liebster-alok singhal

Brotherhood award from Itsmine

brotherhood-award-alok singhal

Creative blogger from Shashank

creative-alok singhal

Brotherhood award from Ashish

brotherhood-award-alok singhal

Starlight Blogger Award by Geethu


Versatile blogger from Ashish

versatile blogger - alok singhal

Dragon’s Loyalty from Shweta

dragons-loyalty-award alok singhal

Premio Dardos from Shweta

award-dardos alok singhal

Dragon’s Loyalty from Gail

dragons-loyalty-award alok singhal

Sunshine Award from Priyanka

sunshine-smiley alok singhal

Real Neat Award from Amreen

realneataward-alok singhal

Creative Blogger from Shiva

creative-blogger-award-image alok singhal

Starlight Blogger from Suhas

starlight-blogger-award-alok singhal

Liebster Award by Gaurav

liebster-award-discover-new-blogs alok

Beautiful Blogger by Risty

beautifulbloggeraward_alok singhal

Brotherhood award from Farida

blogger-awards-brotherhood - alok singhal

Brotherhood award from Nimmi

blogger-awards-brotherhood - alok singhal

Liebster from Sunaina

Liebster-Award1 alok singhal


Liebster from Uttpal

Liebster-Award1 alok singhal









Prestige and Power Blog Award from Kemdirim

blogger-award-nomination alok singhal

Liebster Award from Kishor

Liebster-Award1 alok singhal

Wizard of Blogs by Doc2Poet

wizard of blogs alok singhal

Lovely Blog Award by Rekha


Sunshine Blogger from Niya

sunshine blogger alok

22 thoughts on “Blogger Awards

  1. My pleasure and privilege to you know that you’ve been selected for, “lifecoach blogger award”. I would be very happy when you display it in your blog. thanks and looking forward to build long term blogging relationship with you.

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