My love-affair with Airports and Flights

As I wrap-up posting on the attractions we primarily visited in Oahu, I want to mention about my love for Airports and Flights. The reason being – we had booked short-haul flights to hop across the four islands we visited in Hawaii.

I love reaching early at the airports. In fact, there was a time long back when I used to take early morning flights from Bangalore to Delhi to visit my family, and I used to reach Bangalore airport the previous evening itself. I don’t remember sleeping on any of those nights…I would just watch the departure statuses of flights to some of my favorite destinations and imagine flying there. I know I might not be able to see all those places in this life (there are just too many!), but I so wish to.

There is a different feeling when it comes to being at the airports – just look at all those happy places going to the places I love! Sometimes, I enjoy the shops and have even bought some souvenirs. Some airports have vantage points where you can get a close-up view of the aircraft – that adds to my excitement.Coming back to Hawaii – After spending a couple of days in Oahu, we took a morning flight from its airport to our next Island, Kauai. It was just about a 40-minute-run, but the views were so amazing. Btw, Hawaiian gives you a delicious juice to enjoy – so it’s not exactly a no-frills airline 🙂 hawaiian airlinesin-flight hospitality.jpgThe other airline we took once (from third to the fourth island) was Mokulele. While they don’t serve anything, they run Piston planes, which was so exciting to be on. The co-pilot himself greeted us. Moreover, I was sitting right besides the pilot/co-pilot…with just a small wooden partition between us. See for yourself…mokulele airlinesflight panelWe even got to see the entire Diamond Head rim (remember my post on it?) as our aircraft passed over Honolulu. You can’t even imagine how amazing the Hawaiian landscapes look from above.honolulu airporthawaii from planehawaii from aboveThere are too many breathtaking pictures to put up all here, so I normally post them on my Instagram account over the course of time.

Why is it important to change jobs?

I have been employed for 11 years across 6 firms in the IT space. During this long stint, I have worked with some of the marquee clients in the Financial Services domain. I must say I’ve had a good time, primarily because the salary funds my travels and I have really enjoyed some extracurricular activities I got introduced to during my journey, including Toastmasters. I wouldn’t say I always enjoyed the work I was doing, that’s why I changed jobs!New Job creative sign with clouds as the backgroundDuring my social interactions, I found many people to be unhappy with their jobs, mostly their managers or the work they were doing. In spite of the grin, I never understood why they stayed at their jobs for that long…if you are unhappy with something for long, shouldn’t you be parting with it? Even otherwise, I feel it is good to change jobs every few years. Let me explain the reasons:

  1. Gives you a fresh start: A new job gives you something fresh to look forward to. You don’t want to be doing the same thing over and over, every day! Having said that, I wouldn’t advise changing jobs every year! I’ve been with my current employer for 4 years already, and I spent 4 years with my former employer too.
  2. Interviews keep you sharp: I prefer giving at least one interview every year (might not be active job hunting). That way I get to stay current with the latest expectations of the market. I also get to keep myself sharp, rather than letting the passiveness set in.
  3. For the next career move: If you’ve been unhappy in your current job, most likely you’ve not risen as fast as you expected to be. Or maybe because people around you have moved onto their dream jobs! This is where a new job can do wonders for you…look out for the career move that you have been waiting for.
  4. Make use of the hot job market: With the economies of many countries on an uptrend (after the recession of 2008-09), tons of jobs are being created every day. This is the time to make use of your skills and negotiate a deal that you could only dream of earlier.
  5. It does get you additional money: There is no denying that fact that a new job can give you a monetary bump-up (if you’ve negotiated well). With plenty of jobs around, you wouldn’t have to travel far as well from your current workplace.

I do understand some people don’t want to change for fear of learning something new from the start or location or family constraints. But if there are companies willing to go the extra mile to hire the best, you will most probably get one that fits the bill. It’s just that you have to get your resume ready!

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Benefits of Laughing

*This was my speech in the Toastmasters club contest held yesterday.  I won, and will now be competing in another Area Contest (did so twice last year) next week.

If you have listened to me in the past, you would know I have tried to make you laugh every time. Unfortunately, many of you didn’t find me funny 😦 I feel for you! But, I don’t give up easily. So here I am to make another attempt…I hope you will open up your lips, jaws, and everything in between…if not for my sake, at least for yours! The reason being, there are numerous benefits of laughing, so even if you don’t like me being here, you should still give it a try.

Let me lay down what you will gain from laughing:

  1. Helps you live a healthy lifestyle – A good laugh decreases stress hormones while increasing the build-up of infection fighting antibodies, thus improving your body’s resistance to diseases. It also relaxes your muscles for up to 45 minutes once you’ve had a good hearty laugh.
  2. Triggers the release of endorphins – Endorphins are body’s natural painkillers and improves your overall well-being. Once you’ve got accustomed to laughing, rest assured, you will start feeling good all over, and it can even help you fight any chronic pain you might have.
  3. Boosts T-cells: There are various types of cells in our body, one of them being a specialized type of immune system cell called T-cell. They are just waiting in your body to be activated, and laughing can do exactly that. Once they are active, they start fighting common symptoms like cold.
  4. Reduces the risk of a heart attack: Laughter helps your fight risk of a stroke or heart attack by lowering your blood pressure. Btw, how many of you have a high BP issue? It’s about time for you to give yourself a nice giggle! Great, you might have just had your daily dose of medicine.
  5. Helps in burning calories – It gets your heart pumping and burns calories. Just a word of caution – don’t compare laughing to hitting the gym or running your heart out. It does burn calories but comparable only to that achieved with walking at a slow to moderate pace. To that extent, it is even classified as a great cardio workout.
  6. Promotes harmony among people – There is nothing compared to sharing a good laugh with others, especially with those who you have a conflict with. Looking at the funny side of a situation helps you calm down the nerves. And if you have chosen to take a situation lightly, there is no way the other person won’t relax.
  7. Laughing is infectious: It is a social phenomena, and the positive vibes spread like a virus. Think about how many times a person next to you has laughed and you have gone into depression because of that. Never, right? So why not spread the infection of laughing around!

laughter alok singhalThese are just a handful of reasons why you should never give up on laughing.

I was a Yoga Instructor close to my earlier workplace, and I used to make it a point to have the members laugh at the end of the session. Believe me, that was the best I could have done for them. And I am glad to have done the same for you today 🙂

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Are you Ready for the Future, Alok 0.0?

Hey 0.0,

I know you are tech-savvy, but have you heard of Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II headphones, which has an integrated Google Assistant? No? You are really living in the past, man! Let me take you through your future that you are soon going to step into, and how it will change the way you interact with the world:Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphone

  • Technological (r)evolution: The most important feature of QuietComfort 35 II is the newly-introduced Google VPA (Virtual Private Assistant) – works through ‘Action’ button on the back of left ear-cup. Once set-up, it lets you do what you ask of Google, without even reaching out for your phone. Say you want to listen to the news headlines, search for restaurants close by, check-out weather before heading out, add reminders, or any other question that comes to your mind, just speak to Google Assistant by pressing and holding the button.

I tried Google Assistant on my iPhone and it worked so well. Imagine you will have such a fabulous feature available at just the click of a button!

  • Noise cancellation: The new version (compared to QuietComfort 35) retains the powerful noise cancellation features of the earlier one. The exceptionally comfortable and cozy circumaural ear-cups used block-out a lot of ambient noise, allowing you to preserve battery by switching off the noise cancellation mode. The same action button as mentioned earlier can be remapped to set noise cancellation levels using Bose’s Android or iOS App.
  • Dedicated app: Speaking of the Bose Connect app, you would be asked to download it the first time you power on the headphone. Once that is done with, the app can be used for many features, and it works well in conjunction with the headphones. Powered by Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) technology, the pairing of your devices with headphones is as easy, fast, power-efficient, and automatic as it could be in close proximity (without needing an internet connection). With continuous refinements in the app software, you can hope for a smooth experience as you unlock various features.
  • Sound quality: As with noise cancellation, the superior sound clarity is the hallmark of QC 35 II headphones, something that it carries from the earlier version. Volume Optimized EQ provides for a balanced audio performance at any volume. On the other hand, the noise-rejecting built-in dual-microphone system provides clearer calls, even in noisy environments.
  • Going wireless: With everything going wireless, this feature is assumed to be a must-have. And who better than a world leader in headphones to bank on! Since you listen to songs in the wired mode right now, I am sure this upgrade will surely make you go in awe of the gadget. If you ever feel the need to back to your earlier self, you always have an option to go wired (that almost doubles the battery life also)! The buttons for power on/off, sound/volume control, and USB charging port are on the right ear-cup, and they work with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Travel needs: The plastic build makes it lightweight while still keeping it incredibly comfortable to use for extended periods. The battery life is excellent at 20 hours even with noise cancellation turned on and moderate sound volume. Whether you are taking long-haul flights or just doing your daily office commute, rest assured, you can relax and indulge in the luxuries of life. As if all this was not enough, the headphones come with a hard case, which would make an impression compared to the pouches that many other makes opt for.

With all these power-packed features, QuietComfort 35 II is a significant upgrade to the era you are living in…that’s why I called you 0.0 🙂 Just so you know, by integrating Google’s VPA into the headphones, Bose has become the first ever audio headphone manufacturer to do so.

So what are you waiting for? I am ready to be taken over right away!

Alok 1.0

*Image sourced from Bose India Website

Take charge of your Health with Vitamin E

I moved out of my home at the age of 19. I went to an Engineering college, and from there started the downward spiral of my health. I ate at dhabas, hostel canteens, small eateries – whatever I could afford in my pocket money and was easily available. During my engineering days, the options were limited and unhealthy. This unhealthy lifestyle continued till I got married. Over those years, I caught-on many problems – mild psoriasis, black spots on the face, and weak liver – quite evident to anybody who spent some time with me.

After marriage, my wife took charge of the kitchen. And as I was new to the concept of being treated lavishly with food, I indulged. My wife loves to cook! She cooked and I ate more than I should have. Within 6 months, it backfired. I got sick. I had to go to a hospital in Bengaluru where I was told to streamline my eating habits. I was told to cut-down on spices, fried and processed food. It was a wake-up call. In October 2009, we decided to make an eating routine and stick to it. Our plan was simple – exclude spices, limit the number of times we ate outside, and eating a fruit and salad with meals. With time we learned the intricacies of our body. A year later, our doctor did a few more tests and we came to know we had vitamin deficiencies. Again, we made necessary alterations to our diet. Being pure-vegetarians, we had limited options. So, after years of continuous refinement, we follow this routine now:

Breakfast – Soaked almonds; fruit, preferably orange; stuffed paratha/roti with sabzi/butter toast with tea

LunchSabzi, raita, roti/rice with salad

Evening Tea – With cookies and dry fruits

DinnerDal, roti, salad, papad. If we are full that day, we drink a fruit-vegetable-yogurt smoothie.

We make sure to have the much-needed minerals and vitamins our body needs.alok singhal blog

Why is Vitamin E important for us?

I suffered from mild psoriasis. My wife has dry skin and hair. Our immunity system is not one of the best. With age, stress-levels, and pollution, the body takes a beating. For us, it became imperative to give our body the required amount of Vitamin E. We were told by our doctor to take 15 mg of vitamin E per day. At one stage, we took Vitamin E supplements just to beat the deficiency. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant (protects from free radicals), so it became a part of our daily routine. My wife and I take care of Vitamin E intake for different reasons. She takes it to repair damaged and dry skin, thicken her hair, balancing hormones, and for PMS symptoms. She even uses face creams and lotions that contain Vitamin E. I take it to balance my cholesterol level, improve vision, and to build immunity and muscle strength.

How we made it a part of our daily routine?

To make sure we eat a balanced diet, we try to incorporate all the minerals, carbs, proteins, fiber, and vitamins in the right proportion. This is how we ascertain we have enough supply of Vitamin E in our diet (it goes with the routine mentioned earlier):alok singhal blogger

  • Almonds, which are one of the richest sources of Vitamin E, forms an essential part of our routine.
  • We prepare our meals in extra virgin olive oil. In salads, we use olive oil dressing and olives as a garnish.
  • Avocado is one of our favorite ingredients in salad and sandwiches. My wife loves Avocado parathas. I love guacamole.
  • To bring flavor to our dishes, my wife adds peanuts in upma, poha, vermicelli upma, lemon rice, and pulao. In winter, we munch peanuts as a snack.
  • To have enough quantity, we opt for vegetables and fruits that are rich in Vitamin E – spinach and kiwi. My favorite dishes made from vegetables rich in Vitamin E are palak paneer, sauteed asparagus, pasta with all kinds of peppers – red, green, yellow, and orange. Yes, I have a colorful taste.

alok singhal ambala

What sources of Vitamin E do I recommend?

I recommend including almonds, avocado, spinach, olives, olive oil, peanuts, sunflower seeds and oil, dried apricots, pine seeds (it is a perfect pasta garnishing), asparagus, and broccoli in your diet.

If your Vitamin E levels are low, take supplements to bring them to the desired level. Try #Evion. Evion Supplements are healthy and safe and are reliable to bring back our Vitamin E levels back to normal. In the market since 1978, Evion is the No. 1 Vitamin E brand in India. Check out to know more about Evion Supplements and a wide range of products enriched in Vitamin E.evion vitamin eHow do you incorporate Vitamin E in your daily routine? If you have some mouth-watering recipes, please share with me. I promise I will try them. My wife will cook, though 🙂

A hat-trick of sorts: 3 years Blogging | 2 on Instagram

It has been one long journey, and I am not tired yet 🙂

I had never imagined I would ever write, let alone publishing posts consistently for 3 years! I started off with documenting my Travels and, a year later, posting a huge database of pictures I have on Instagram. Fortunately, I got tremendous feedback from my readers and I was also approached by a few firms to write for them. Early this year, I started doing promotions on my Instagram Account, too. All this added to my enthusiasm along the way, and I’ve never looked back. alok singhal instagramI owe Thanks to You, and also to those who are not around anymore for whatever reason. It is because of your comments that I have been able to deliver. I also want to mention about numerous strangers who took time to add their experiences on the places I’ve visited or just motivate me otherwise…some inputs were quite touching. There is nothing more satisfying that getting a thoughtful comment appreciating the hard work you’ve put in.

Last Anniversary I had mentioned I would cut down on my blogging activities. Yes, I did – quite a lot actually, as is evident from the number of comments I now get on a post! In spite of that, today I have 198 published posts, averaging over one every week in the last 3 years – and that too in spite of blogging not being one of my favorite hobbies (which includes Travel & Photography, Stock Trading and related Research). And it is not just the Travel & Photography category that I have written on – the posts are also spread across Personal Experiences, Lessons in Life, Humor, Health, and my speeches from Toastmasters. This all apart from the full-time demanding job that I have.

As I continue to spend more time on my Portfolio Management, I think this is the pace I could keep up with at the most. Moreover, each and every post I publish takes a lot of my time as it goes through multiple iterations of quality checks. A-post-a-week also gives enough time to my readers to enjoy visiting other sites and keeps them motivated to look forward to the next one from me.

With that, let me wish you a very happy year-end and a fabulous 2018. If you are heading on a vacation soon, here’s a high five 🙂

Reasons to Love Donald Trump

*This is my next speech in Toastmasters, from the Advanced Manual “The Entertaining Speaker”Donald-Trump-Quotes alok singhalI am not a fan of Donald Trump, so I really hated myself when I chose to talk about why we should love him! But it is good to take a contrarian view sometimes. So, here are my thoughts on why he needs a bit of sympathy:

  1. Teaches us how to raise kids – I am not sure how many of you pamper your kids every time. But he doesn’t! He makes it a point to not have his kids being given things on a silver platter. This essentially means you are teaching your kids how difficult it is to earn money and have them respect the same.
  2. Shares his feelings openly: By now we know he was not completed fit for the position of the President of Untied States. This is because he doesn’t know what, when, and how to speak. In fact, he mentioned this about his daughter Ivanka Trump, “She has a great figure. Had she not been my daughter, I would have been dating her.” Huh! But I like people who come out clean rather than keeping such thoughts to them.
  3. History with women – It is no secret that Trump was a womanizer. When he ran for the President, a lot of women came out in the open accusing him of sexual misconduct in the past. However, do you know there are contradictory images of him, too? He hired one Barbara Res as his head of construction in the 1980s, when not many women held such positions. She later mentioned him saying, “While men tend to be better than women, a good woman is better than 10 good men.”
  4. An inspiration – My wife always says – if he can become the President of a super-power than America is, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do anything in life. You just have to think Big! In fact, if you didn’t know, he picked up politics as a hobby a couple of years back and ended up defeating Clinton, who spent her entire career in politics!
  5. A real entertainer – This is my personal favorite. Believe it or not, you won’t ever find a character like him at such a position of authority. I mean who else can fit in his philosophy within just 140 characters on Twitter? And can defend it too! With the twitter text limit now raised, I am sure we are bound to have more laughs 😀
  6. He is a winner, after all – No matter his comments on Hillary during the Presidential debates or numerous women accusing him of wrong doings, a lot of people did go out and vote for him, including many women. So, I would assume he has a bit of charisma that drives people towards him.

And who knows, he might actually make America great again! After all, the US economy has shown considerable progress in the last one year!

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How to clear United States H1, L1, and B2 Visa Interviews

If you have ever applied for a Visa to the United States, you would have surely wondered how to (desperately) clear the same. But because of the ever changing scrutiny requirements that the Officers put us through, the job is hardly a cakewalk! Having been through multiple H1B and one L1B Visa Interviews in New Delhi, and recently issued B2 (Tourist) visa in Toronto, I can say it is not as dreadful as it is made out to be. It does entail a thorough preparation though, unlike Tourist Visa to many other countries (say Canada), which can be obtained without much of an effort.alok singhal us visaI left the United States after completing 6 years in May this year, having entered on L1B in April 2011 and going through multiple H1Bs during my stay there (because of either a job change or stamping required in India when I went on vacation). It sounded a pretty daunting and nerve-racking task during my first 2 interviews, but now I have gotten used to it.

While there is no sure-shot way to clear the US Visa Interviews, here’s how you can do your best:

1. Proper paperwork: Since H1 and L1 Visas are sponsored through your employer, make sure they file all the documents required. Most of it would be either filled-in or provided by you, so do your best. If you work for a renowned firm with a global presence, it makes life all the more easier.

I turned down a high paying job offer through a third party for Bank of America just because it was through that ‘third party.’ I was promised it would be a direct position with the client before interviews, but after clearing 5 rounds, BoA decided to bring me as a Vendor Consultant for a year (they did the same for all other such positions also). Well, I turned down the offer and continued with my current firm for about 50k USD less annually, because I work for a big brand name!

2. Prepare well in advance: Nothing beats preparing well for any interview…that would help you feel easy with any questions thrown at you. Do check experiences of people who have gone to the same embassy where you are appearing, but take insights with a pinch of salt since every case is different. People might say rubbish since they want to let our their frustration if they are declined, just move on to the next case.

If you have never faked any point in your resume (I never did so), you wouldn’t have to make up excuses, and that goes a long way in feeling comfortable. Ascertain that the original documents that you need for the interview are all there in a transparent file and you wouldn’t have to scamper around if asked for a specific paper in the interview.

3. Just before the interview: Dress professionally if you are appearing for a Work Permit based Visa. I have seen people working for top Investment Banks in the US and coming to office in bathroom sandals. How cheap! Nobody is asking you to wear a suit and a tie during peak of summer, but don’t go there in Jeans and a Tee…make sure the shirt and trouser is ironed properly and shoes are polished (search internet for what is a proper attire).

Remember, some interviews are high-profile – they could make or break your career. Don’t take any chances just because you are not well prepared!

4. During the interview: Even if you are standing in the queue, appear confident – don’t slouch. And always wear a smile! I have cleared 80% of my interviews in life just because I was confident, smiled, and relaxed. Many interviewers might reject you just because you look highly nervous (indicating you are hiding something). Again, if you are genuine, you wouldn’t have to worry there.

If you can, make the discussion with the officer a bit humorous. Many of us live stressful lives, so making the moment lively comes in handy. Don’t take it to the extreme though, or appear over-smart. This point is only for people who have mastered the art of balancing the situation.

If you’ve done your bit, most likely you will come out happy. In the event you are rejected for whatever reason, take solace in the fact that you did your best – you might crack it next time!

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4 years with Toastmasters – a journey worth every meeting!

I joined Toastmasters in New York by signing up with Bryant Park club on Oct 1 2013 – I can’t imagine it’s been 4 years already! Though I moved on from there to Warren in New Jersey in Feb 2014, and to Mississauga in Canada in May 2017, I have continued my membership with Citigroup corporate club at each place (luckily, there is/was one). I have written about what Toastmasters is here and here. In fact, I have a news from early last month also – I came in 2nd in the Area 43 contest for Impromptu Speaking (called Table Topics). alok singhalIf you’ve followed me for long, you might know that I won the Area 34 International Speech contest in April this year (in the US), but couldn’t do well at the Division level. Anyway, life is not just about winning, it is more about learning at every step of the way.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of such a fabulous program, which is non-profit by the way! In the 200 or so weekly meetings that have happened in the past 4 years, I must have attended at least 185 of them – such has been my enthusiasm, mostly because of the learnings and fun they provide. I just go to every meeting not thinking about my professional or person life and willing to take in whatever comes. I strong advice you too to find a club nearby by going to and maybe just walk by to see what happens there for a start. Most likely, you will come back happy and will sign-up!

I can personally lay down the benefits I have seen in myself. I have more confidence in speaking with strangers now, my humor quotient has gone up, and there is that feeling of doing something different than what most of us do on a regular basis. Btw, Toastmasters is not just about Public Speaking as many wrongly understand it to be – the learnings you get while speaking to a group in a friendly environment can be used in everyday life – imagine not slouching while speaking, using proper hand gestures or body language, making eye contact, or just motivating or inspiring people around you. And the price to pay – well, just $45 every 6 months! In fact, many professional speakers around the world rehearse their speech in the club(s) they are associated with before they enthrall their audience at the big stage.

So, what are you waiting for?

#CelebratingSuper with Initiatives by Vodafone

We lived in NCR for a long time, till we moved to the US in April 2011. A major reason to move out of India was to enjoy the quality of life in the West. Having lived in the states for 6 years and now in Canada for half-a-year, I can safely say that NCR was the most polluted region we’ve ever stayed in. Blame it either on the Government or people not doing their bit to at least keep their surroundings clean, the experience was nightmarish! I’ve never stayed in the region since I left it about 7 years back, but as I write this post from my hometown Ambala, I can assure you that my city is much better compared to what we endured back then in the NCR.

Having traveled extensively across countries, I feel there is a basic level of environmental cleanliness that we all expect. Who has to provide for it is dependent on both public and the private sector. The government has to initiate it and people have to follow on it, or it could be totally led by individuals too! To bring about a change, we are equally responsible as is the Government that we depend (and blame) on.

Let’s take the example of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The other day when I was traveling from Ambala towards Delhi, I saw workers cleaning NH1, which left me awestruck! I had never seen anybody cleaning highways before. Or take the example of folks taking away Trash from our home every morning. These are highly commendable steps taken by the Government. Think about people working at the grassroots towards the benefit of our country – it is so difficult to achieve in a country like ours! I believe the change is coming! In fact, when I landed in Delhi a fortnight back, I was so happy to see the new airport that I started clicking pictures of the same. Here is one such shot of an artwork against a waterfall:alok singhal delhiTalk about our National Capital:

I have read a lot about Supreme Court banning the use of Firecrackers on Diwali – a step which saved 1000s, to say the least! Yes, it discomforted many, but then didn’t I say we have to do our bit too? After all, it is us who are going to lead better lives!

The other step is introducing Metro far and wide in the region. If we all commit to using it rather than taking our own vehicle wherever possible, we would help reduce congestion on roads, which has numerous benefits. I remember taking the bus to and from New York for 2 years for work (I didn’t even buy a car). And I am not alone…If you ever go to Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, you would see long queues for buses in the evenings. This has helped New York authorities to maintain the smooth flow of traffic in the already congested city.

Vodafone has taken a few initiatives too! The created the first air-purifying bus shelter in the city to help people breather clean it. They have committed to the digital revolution in the capital, so we can enjoy the benefits of technology while on the move. When I was in the New York area, I didn’t have a data plan on my phone. I used to make use of hotspots provided by my home internet provider there. Same is being done in the NCR by Vodafone. They have provided 120 hotspots at popular locations in NCR. Maybe in a few years, we will be close to where New York is in terms of quality of life and bringing the power of technology to the common man!

There is a lot yet to be done but the steps taken by the Government and Vodafone will lay the foundation for us follow it. It is only through a consistent and dedicated effort that we can bring about a real change in our lives!