Women Rock, Men are ‘Mean’

I sincerely believe I should have been a woman since I have many of the qualities to be the same – I can do household chores, I am obsessed with cleanliness, kids love me but I love men. Also, the kind of aura that women carry with them is so captivating that i feel like being one of them 🙂

But before I blame God for making me a man, let me guess why he classified humans into either men or women and what are the qualities of each. Of course, we also have a few who belong to neither category called gender benders, but I will leave them out so as to not to make my discussion more complex.

See, God is a true leader, he is foresighted…he knew the world would grow one day and it would become difficult for him to manage everybody. So he divided us so that we would remain occupied with each other. A man would love a woman and in turn she would scold him. And the best way to still keep them talking to and living with each other is through kids.

Now let me differentiate the two genders and why being a woman is better:

Women is a short of ‘Woo-Men,’ the one who woos men. So by definition itself, they are expected to keep men occupied. But, you see, the intentions are not wrong here…God wanted them to be women, so they had no choice. Instead, they are very pleasant at heart – they work more than the 9 or 10 hours that men spend in the office. This includes taking care of kids, doing the household work, some of them even doing the full-time job and still they ask for nothing in return. I am a bit unlucky that ways since my wife requires an expensive perfume or some branded jewelry every other month. In fact, if you come to our apartment, you can feel even the trash smells good. After all, it has been sprayed with the likes of Versace, Gucci, Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana. But then I think whom am I earning for anyway?

Coming to Men. Well, seems like the word for us should have been ‘Mean.’ Think about how many of us actually help our wives out at home. According to a recent study by Nielsen and Ariel on Indian Households, 76% of Indian men believe that laundry is a woman’s job and 68% of Indian men prefer to watch TV than to do the laundry. No wonder, more than two-thirds of married Indian women feel men not sharing household chores is one of the primary sources of dissatisfaction in a married life. As a result, a lot of single women are looking to marry men who would help them out at home, with doing the laundry being an important factor.

After all this, it is easy to figure out who should be living a luxurious life and who should be funding the same. Agreed, that a man is a bread earner in most of the families, but then if he doesn’t even do that, what exactly would he do? I sincerely believe he should cook few times a week, clean up after the kids, reward wife with precious gifts, and most importantly do the laundry 😛

And now it is easy for you to make out why I blame God for making me a Man since I have been deprived of the honor of being a Woman.

*Survey data is factual