Sunset at Sandy Hook with Sony Alpha 7

Here’s a post i was waiting for long…the one with my new Camera in action – Sony Alpha 7. The device is simply awesome!

I absolutely love beaches, lighthouses and the calmness around. One of my recent travels has been to Sandy Hook a couple of weeks back and i was so mesmerized that i went there again last Saturday. It is hardly an hour long drive from my place and is located at the North end of Jersey Shore.

I was simply in awe of the place as it is almost 6 mile long stretch with Sandy Hook Bay and Atlantic Ocean on either side. With width of the strip varying from just 0.1 to 1.0 mile, the sight of people cycling alongside or doing kayaking in the water or just enjoying the pristine beaches is amazing.

The beaches there are considered one of the finest in New Jersey and Gunnison beach in particular is one of the largest clothing optional beaches on the East Coast. Add to it the excitement when one sees the New York skyline from the beaches, as is apparent in one of my pictures below.

I and Saru drove all the way almost till the tip of Sandy Hook, where likes Fort Hancock – former United States Army Fort. We could see many historic buildings at Fort Hancock, many of them undergoing restoration as some of them even date back to 1800s. The Sandy Hook Light, the oldest working lighthouse in the US, is located on the grounds of Fort Hancock.

I guess my camera got the perfect setting on its first adventure, that would take your breath away as well 🙂

alok singhal sandy hook and new york skyline
New York skyline visible in the distance
Fort Hancock historic buildings on left, some under renovation

fort hancock sandy hook new jerseyfort hancock armysandy hook beachDSC00581beaches at sandy hooksandy hook alok singhalsunset at sandy hooksunset at sandy hooksunset sandy hook alok singhal

Treetop and Zipline Adventures in Poconos

Though first few weeks of Spring is not the best time to venture out for us, but we didn’t want to stay at home since it was a long weekend (clubbed with Good Friday). But then we had not planned ahead which we normally do. After doing all the household chores on Friday, Saturday morning looked so empty, so the adventurers in me and Saru thought about exploring Poconos mountains and Delaware Water Gap and doing few outdoor activities out there. We packed our bags, with the intention of staying overnight and coming back home Sunday evening. So, it was more of an impromptu trip, actually the first time ever we had done so.

It took 1.5 hrs to drive from Piscataway in New Jersey to Camelback Mountain Resort in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. As many of you know, I love driving, especially in the hilly areas. As soon as we reached Camelback Snowtubing, Saru just wanted to get on with the activity. She is super-active outdoors! However, Saturday being a bit windy, we thought of doing adventures first and leaving Snowtubing for Sunday. So, we moved another couple of miles uphill and parked at the spot for Mountain Adventures. It is a pretty vast area and we could still see a lot of snow.


After taking our tickets, we were first given safe instructions and a few necessary lessons for TreeTop course. Then began the stretching, jumping, hopping and many other forms of exercising while moving from one tree to another, all on our own. The fun of doing all this high above the ground is awesome, though the full course was still not available because of snow at the top. There are various thrilling elements, like swaying bridges, wobbly logs, wind-in-your-face zip lines, vertical cargo nets, ladders, high-wires, and a few more.

Picture_10673_taken_on_2015-04-04_155435   Picture_10651_taken_on_2015-04-04_155418          Picture_10662_taken_on_2015-04-04_155418   Picture_10679_taken_on_2015-04-04_155435

It took us more than 2 hours to complete the entire course. While doing our final ‘monkey jumping,’ we were at one point 70 feet above the ground and things had gotten pretty challenging by then, even for me. But i was able to finish then entire course and Saru just stopped short of a couple as she developed a cramp while pushing herself forward on a cable. It was indeed an exhilarating experience which one can only experience in the field.

Then we did zip-lining, which is another heart pounding adventure. After harnessing ourselves up, we zipped through the trees at up to 8 stories above the ground. I enjoyed it so much that i did it 3 times and every time enjoyed more than the previous one.

Picture_10819_taken_on_2015-04-04_155418   Picture_10840_taken_on_2015-04-04_155436

At the end of it all, we were so tired that we thought of coming back home in the evening on Saturday itself. The reason being since the bloom is still a couple of weeks away, the beauty was not so scenic. Now we plan to go back to Poconos Mountains in Summers and complete the remaining adventures (Snowtubing will not be there, but that could be compensated by Canoeing and Kayaking). Pending on the list is also hiking the Appalachian trail and checking Bushkill and Buttermilk falls at Delaware Water Gap, which was lined up for 2nd day in our trip.

Overall, a pretty nice day spent in the lap of nature and doing what we love. Hope we get to go back there soon.

P.S. We saw many having fun Snowtubing: