America’s Best Beach – Poipu Beach, Kauai

The most popular beach on the South Shore of Kauai island of Hawaii is also the America’s Best Beach (rated by the Travel Channel) – Poipu Beach. It is fronted by a park by the same name and a few resorts.

After we were done seeing the Na Pali Coast from high above earlier in the day, we made our way back to the hotel about an hour away (we were living close to the airport with Kauai Shores Hotel). This beach was on the way, so we quickly took the exit for the beach and thought of spending half-hour or so we had. The very next day we spent half-a-day there (after our boat trip for Na Pali Coast). I am combining our experience from both days here.kauai beach resortbest beach americapoipu beach park.jpgThe beach is made up of golden sand and is a hot-spot for snorkelling, swimming, and surfing. If you have enough time, you should picnic there. We could see some people arriving during Sunset. Even so, it felt so relaxing out there with hardly any crowd.

Since it rains in Hawaii quite often early or late in the year, the clouds make for dramatic views most of the time. In my opinion, the twilight time should not be missed on any beach in Hawaii!sunset in hawaiiThe second day I and Saru had plenty of time to enjoy walking and playing in the water. At one time, I even spotted a seal…it actually made its way onto the sand and was greeted by a lot of kids. It spent some time there before venturing back into the water with a few turns on its back. best sunset view.jpgkauai top attractions.jpgIf you are looking to stay in Kauai and do not mind staying a bit away from the airport, the resorts around this beach would make for a great choice!

If I have to choose my best Sunset experience so far, this would be it. Our entire Hawaii trip was full of awe-inspiring views…we hope we get to make another trip to this heavenly state of the US.