Bondi Beach: A must visit in Sydney!

One of the best beaches I have been to yet! And I have covered more than one could reasonably imagine.


The reason people flock to Bondi is because it has stunning views, is a paradise for surfers, and has one of the best walks alongside (referred to as Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk). We were lucky to visit it on a sultry afternoon and I was quick to take off my clothes (not that one 😛 ). Actually, I was quite amazed at the tropical colored (crystal clear) water there and couldn’t resist!


The pictures might still not do justice to the attraction, a perfect escape for anybody looking to spend a great time amongst pristine beauty. I wanted to cover the entire walk, which is 6km long and takes about 2 hours nonstop, but we could only cover a bit for lack of time. There are boardwalks for most of the trail, but can get quite hilly in parts and have stairs too!


Bondi Beach is a must visit, if you are in Sydney!

113 thoughts on “Bondi Beach: A must visit in Sydney!

  1. Lovely clicks Alok of Bondi beach, after seeing these picture, anybody would like to go there. The beach is really clean and beautiful. I really like the pool on the side of the beach. Have you ever been to Vancouver.

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  2. Oh just never enough time when one visits a destination. We were in Sydney recently and took the ferry to Manley beach. Sorry to say we did not get to Bondi beach. Your photos look amazing, especially the one of the pool and ocean. Gorgeous!

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