13 days sightseeing and island-hopping in Hawaii

I’ve always wanted to visit the islands of Hawaii and Seychelles (technically, both of them are archipelagos). Ever since we got the US Tourist Visa last year, I was thinking of making a trip to Hawaii. The only problem – Hawaii is super-expensive!

Since we are still living close to the US and I saved-up enough by not taking too many vacations last year, we finally picked-up Hawaii as our next Travel destination, and started planning for it in January this year. We did some homework on which all islands to visit, and eventually zeroed-in on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island – in that order. In terms of timing, we didn’t want to visit during the peak summer months of Jun-Aug, and with my job restrictions, March-end sounded just about right (btw, any month is a good month to visit Hawaii – as experts say). I also got a fair deal with the Toronto to Honolulu and return flight (CAD545 per person), with a short halt in Los Angeles (both ways).

The hotel bookings have cost me a fortune, though – averaging a tad below USD200 per night (we are not budget travelers; not luxury, either)! Add to it the inter-island flights (the most effective way for island-hopping) and renting a car on each island (you would know I love road-trips?), we probably could have covered 2 countries in this budget. But then Hawaii is a different world altogether or so I have heard! We are about to find out as we have just landed in Honolulu.

In terms of the number of days we would spend across those islands, after the vacation to India in September and then to the US on New Year, I just had a few vacation days left. So, we could only cough-up 13 days in total (includes 2 weekends and a holiday on Good Friday). Based on what Saru and I wanted to see, we decided to split our time equally across the islands – 2.5 days, with half-a-day reserved for island hopping. I am fully aware those will not be sufficient, especially for the biggest of them all, the Big Island.

Details on what exactly we covered on each island would come after we are back. For now, let me soak in the Hawaiian bliss 🙂Napali Coast HawaiiFor my record, it was my 59th flight today.

Image sourced from Hawaii Tourism Authority website

27 thoughts on “13 days sightseeing and island-hopping in Hawaii

  1. It really does sound like you are going on so many enjoyable trips. Enjoy Hawaii and hope it is a trip to remember. Didn’t know it was expensive to visit Hawaii. But I suppose if you plan, then plan an affordable trip. Wishing you a safe journey and may there be great weather while you are there 🙂 Looking forward to your photos and travel stories when you get back 🙂

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  2. I’d love to go to Hawaii. Friends invited us to go with them as part of her 50th birthday this year. It would have been fantastic except for the $$. Look forward to seeing your photos Alok. Have a wonderful time. 😎

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  3. Hawaiiiiiii 😍
    I always wondered how this archipelago must be……fascinating for sure…
    Now you enjoy it through your post and pics 👍

    Sometimes we have to give up something for what gnaws the heart

    hauʻoli hele ( hope I got it right 😁)

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  4. I have not been to Hawaii but know people who are going there next year! Others I know say Mexico is cheaper than Hawaii so they go there instead. I would love to be somewhere relaxing and tropical on vacation 🙂

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