The Volcanic Landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii

We were mesmerized by the beauty in Hawaii – no wonder it is called the Tropical Paradise!

During our road trips across the four islands we visited, we witnessed numerous stunning landscapes. I must say the often changing weather conditions there plays a major role in keeping one asking for more.hawaii road tripJust imagine that all these views were created off of volcanic eruptions over millions of years. Even today, the Big Island (the one we covered last) is still adding more space to it because of active volcanic eruptions.
best weather in oahuThe land all through Hawaii is also amazingly fertile – the famous plantations of Coconuts, Pineapples, Lychee, Bananas, and many others are a testimony to that. We loved having smoothies, shave ice, and fresh juices almost every day!
volcanic landscapes of hawaiiI am a fan of stopping every few minutes, and I have never regretted spending time at the places I’ve admired. Why else would one take a road trip otherwise?
islands in hawaiiThe last one is my favorite, and it was not even an attraction we were chasing – we were on an afternoon drive further up along the highway from Sandy Beach park we covered the very first morning in Hawaii.
what to see in hawaiiMy two cents based on my experiences – don’t just go to famous places. You would be amazed to explore the beauty at offbeat sites. Most of my fabulous clicks are from places you would’ve never heard of, and they are not even mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

32 thoughts on “The Volcanic Landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii

  1. After the Kilauea volcano erupted in Big Island, spewing molten rocks and sulfur dioxide into neighborhoods last week, it seems this island wouldn’t be safe to travel for many years! Good that you have carried lovely memories Alok.

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    1. Actually, there are already active volcanos there erupting since many centuries. The recent eruption is just a temporary abnormality…nothing much to worry about it.

      It’s all part of how Hawaii has been created and then people live over it.

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  2. I always like to avoid the crowded and over-hyped places. I agree with you that there are many interesting and beautiful places which are not popular. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s a blessing in disguise that most tourists and travelers stick to the “standard itinerary”?

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  3. Completely agree on exploring the offbeat, non-touristy sites because often hidden gems exist there. Sensational photos, Alok!

    P.S.- Did you change your blog theme? Love the fresh look 🙂

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  4. Hawaii is so beautiful. I went there 12 years ago visiting the island of Maui and Molokai. I toured Molokai on a mountain bike. So many hidden gems when I explored it this way. Such great advice about exploring the offbeat sites.

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  5. I have a thing for volcanoes. Love going/hiking to them and love the greenery around them. I’m told the ash that comes out of them is much more fertile and hence the trees grow much faster. Is it true?

    I would also have stopped every few minutes to enjoy the beauty. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the ash makes them quite fertile. I learned about it first during our visit to Sequoia National Park in California.

      I was amazed to see the lush-green landscapes of Hawaii…who would imagine black lava rocks being so fertile? My next post will show more of that.


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