My love-affair with Airports and Flights

As I wrap-up posting on the attractions we primarily visited in Oahu, I want to mention about my love for Airports and Flights. The reason being – we had booked short-haul flights to hop across the four islands we visited in Hawaii.

I love reaching early at the airports. In fact, there was a time long back when I used to take early morning flights from Bangalore to Delhi to visit my family, and I used to reach Bangalore airport the previous evening itself. I don’t remember sleeping on any of those nights…I would just watch the departure statuses of flights to some of my favorite destinations and imagine flying there. I know I might not be able to see all those places in this life (there are just too many!), but I so wish to.

There is a different feeling when it comes to being at the airports – just look at all those happy places going to the places I love! Sometimes, I enjoy the shops and have even bought some souvenirs. Some airports have vantage points where you can get a close-up view of the aircraft – that adds to my excitement.Coming back to Hawaii – After spending a couple of days in Oahu, we took a morning flight from its airport to our next Island, Kauai. It was just about a 40-minute-run, but the views were so amazing. Btw, Hawaiian gives you a delicious juice to enjoy – so it’s not exactly a no-frills airline 🙂 hawaiian airlinesin-flight hospitality.jpgThe other airline we took once (from third to the fourth island) was Mokulele. While they don’t serve anything, they run Piston planes, which was so exciting to be on. The co-pilot himself greeted us. Moreover, I was sitting right besides the pilot/co-pilot…with just a small wooden partition between us. See for yourself…mokulele airlinesflight panelWe even got to see the entire Diamond Head rim (remember my post on it?) as our aircraft passed over Honolulu. You can’t even imagine how amazing the Hawaiian landscapes look from above.honolulu airporthawaii from planehawaii from aboveThere are too many breathtaking pictures to put up all here, so I normally post them on my Instagram account over the course of time.

20 thoughts on “My love-affair with Airports and Flights

  1. Airports invoke a different feeling altogether. I could picture you devouring the flight departure status, so funny! 🙂 May you visit more and more places and share the travelogues with us here. 🙂 The clicks are gorgeous by the way.
    For some reason, I missed out on your latest updates. Will read through the other posts. 🙂

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  2. Wow, reaching the airport early the evening before last time is really early. Airports are so fascinating and like you, I can watch those planes take off and land all day. When I travelled through Singapore, I always want to spend as much time in the airport there…it’s so big and so much to see from relaxing corners to so many stores to flower and fauna to be admired. Looks like a cozy right there beside the pilot. Amazing views 🙂

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  3. I’m surprised why this post didn’t show up on my TL! I found it through your tweet. I’m in a habit of reaching airport early too and it surely irritates my “bitter” half! I always end up clicking at least 100+ pictures when I’m flying because there is so much to capture. It is another thing that I haven’t shared all those pictures till now on any channel. Someday…I hope! BTW, surely sitting right behind the pilots must have been a great experience, Alok!

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      1. I surely will. I haven’t shared on my blog because they are not related to Jaipur. I can share them on my other blog but I haven’t written there for almost a year. Will probably share it on IG. 😃

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  4. That’s a lovely perspective! I always smile when I see people going on vacations or visiting their family during my work travel. To be honest, i’ve Never been bored waiting at the airport, there is so much to observe and the time just flies when waiting there 🙂

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  5. Hello Alok,

    nice to read your post, as I am a traveler and travel a lot using this mode of transport , but generally I don’t not enjoy flying. As I am afraid of flying 😦 . Well I hope this blog will help me to change my prospect. 🙂


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