I spent a Thousand Dollars primarily for this!

My entire vacation across Canada and United States in December last year was centered around this one spot – Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. I was not as excited about the other places we visited as this one!

Capturing Sunset over the summit of Mount Washington covered in snow had been my dream ever since we had a fabulous time at the very same spot in the fall of 2016. The entire stretch of mountains on the right side of the resort was lit-up in various hues.best sunset shotSo, this time, we made sure to spend the afternoon there after we took the aerial tramway up the Cannon Mountain earlier in the day. The resort is just about a half-hour drive from the Hillwinds Lodge where we were put up in Franconia.

There is no defined parking at the entrance to the resort (no gate to cross), but one can park along the road – that’s what I have seen others doing, too. You might get enough space in the summers, but during winters, you have to make one yourself. With not many people around in the chilly temperatures, it is not that difficult! We must have spent about 2 hours, and only a couple of tourists came by, stopped, clicked shots, and went away – most of the traffic on the road to the resort was of people going or coming from there. I was the only one walking around with my camera (Saru was in the car) trying to make the best of changing views.best snow covered mountain shotbest nature picturesBeing the peak of winters this time, the sun was setting down just behind the resort. The white and red colors of the resort added another layer of beauty to the colors in the sky. Since the mountains are quite far away from the spot and there is no point in showing a large blanket of snow, you would have to use the zoom.best natural beautybest landscape photos.jpgThough the sunset was not as dramatic as we witnessed earlier, I was still feeling quite ecstatic all the time – not many get to go (back) to their dream location in spite of all the money they might have.

If you ask me now, I wouldn’t leave a chance to visit the place again!

53 thoughts on “I spent a Thousand Dollars primarily for this!

  1. The first picture is more beautiful than a rainbow…so many colors! A marvel of nature…a rare sight! Your photography is spectacular Alok. Thanks for sharing the glory of Fall as well as winter.


  2. In the long run such experiences will be far more valuable than money will ever be. 🙂 And for financially unfortunate ones like us, you make us visit these lovely places with your pictures. I loved the colors in the first one. Just spectacular… 🙂


  3. Lovely place. Comparing first and last pictures(my pick among the set) one can see the huge transformation it undergoes. It’s a great choice for the winter holiday. Great pictures, Alok! It’s always great to see your pictures.


  4. What a wonderful blog!
    The photo shots are amazingly breath taking.
    I love it!
    What camera are you using, anyway?

    I have not been here on WordPress for a long, long time.
    Was busy and now recently I started to write again.
    Missing this place.

    Anyway, I want also to tell you that I have chosen you for a repost of one of your least favourite blog of which to re-share it with new followers and readers. You can check on my recent post to check on this so that you know of what I am actually talking about.

    Only if you are interested in this.

    I wish you a lovely day, Alok!


  5. I’m with you, and with such a magnificent view and beauty this place seemed to be enjoyed no matter what season or how many time… the perspective seems to change constantly. Awesome capture


  6. You are indeed fortunate to have made it twice to your fav destination Alok! And for views like these, one cannot blame you for being addicted to capturing it through your lens!


  7. First photo is the killer ! Many times it happens that we don’t get to see what we expected. But that’s not in our hands. We can’t control nature, so be happy. 🙂


  8. I liked both of the seasons through your lens, fall and winter. Its just fantastic how nature clads herself in each season differently! The snowy mountains in Sun’s evening colours are so unique! I wonder, how do people recognise the lake during winter? I can’t see any sign/separator there!

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  9. An enchanted place, Alok, and how delightful for you to have the opportunity to visit again. Your photos are wonderful, and give a genuine sense of the solitude and beauty that rests here.

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  10. There are some places that worth to revisit. I did that and I have never regretted the second or third visit to the same destination. There is always something new that I learn and experience. The place is totally gorgeous, totally understand why you wish to return there 🙂


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