Conversations of a different kind!

Conversations these days are getting so much exciting, thanks to the liberal use of slang and some ‘cool’ factor. Sometimes, I feel an illiterate because of the effort required to understand such talks on social media. There have been quite a few times when the use of words like ‘Babes,’ ‘Hottie,’ caught my attention on various platforms. I have seen many ladies use ‘Babes’ generously without even knowing the meaning of the word – well, it means we find the person hot and attractive (btw, I didn’t find any attractiveness in either lady in the discussion 😛 ). Anyway, going by the chats, it seems the use is driven by more of a ‘cool’ factor than anything else.

Add to it the craze for using shorter versions of each word (like u for you, bcoz for because) and i end up spending hours (not literally) to guess the discussion. I will refrain from doing so below, so you don’t have to spend that much time.

Here is an imaginary alternate talk between two ladies with a bit of truth reflected in it. Let’s enjoy:

Chikni: Hey babes, what’s up? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

Chameli: Nothing darling…kids are keeping me busy these days.

How many you have now?

Not many, since last time we talked I have added another couple. So we have 5 now.

Oh, baby. Sorry to hear that. Love you lots! Hugs ( ❤ )

Me too! Yeah…it is just that I have to carry the new ones in my lap every time.

And what about your Macho hubby…doesn’t he help?

He can’t feed, you know. Gosh, God is so cruel! Otherwise, he is such a cutie pie.

Aw, I wish I got to date one like him.

Chikni: Btw, your figure must have gone for a toss.

Chameli: Nah, Sweetie! I am still 36-24-36…but I gotta workout more.

Hottie! I am so jealous…I wish i had those curves.

Find a BF, Honey…rest he will do 😉 Btw, you wanna swing by sometime?

Sure, how ‘bout I give you a call tomorrow?

Ya, np…will be waiting. Kids will be in school all day.

And your hubby?

Shut up!

Ok, see ya soon then. Gotta go, tty later.

Love you, sweetie! xoxo 🙂

Chikni signs-off!

Chameli gets on with her Victoria Secret shopping.

God bless them, and me too!

107 thoughts on “Conversations of a different kind!

  1. hmmm… I don’t know many slang other than cool and sexy… last year learnt one short form Lol(laugh out loud)… those ladies sound very cute… I did not find the conversation hard to understand… I tried messaging in shorthand but gave it up…many others find it hard to understand… but some people are short hand experts (4 u) for you… yes we all still like to be cool…sometimes even if things are dull and is nothing to say people say cool… no doubt it is fun to read a real short hand conversation(:… abroad its far worst it will be raining all sorts of slang and swear words, they make accessories too with many works… anyway… Its nice you could see the ladies point of veiw in this conversations…between two men it would be different I guess that should be written by lady seeing man’s point of veiw and guy to guy conversations…goodday

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      1. The following sentence remind me often specially while I am outside or at mall seeing someone and make/made me a laugh…”Find a BF, Honey…rest he will do 😉 Btw, you wanna swing by sometime?” – heheeheee. ROBL/ROFL 🙂

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  2. I’m a hater of sms lingo too and the ‘babe’ and ‘dahling’ gets to me no end. However, my mildly feminist side awaits the reproduction of a ‘dude-n-bro’ conversation.

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  3. Since I am not an English native speaker, conversations like this are really helpful to know how to deal with the ever-changing slang. But honestly, sometimes it’s so tricky to catch every single expression! I feel like I need a Master’s Degree in Facebook Language to be able to understand everything… 🙂

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  4. Thanz fo puttin diz up. I thot I ws d only 1 hu found dis weird. Ua doin an osm job! \m/ 😛
    I really really really wonder how much time people save making up these words. And I never got the logic of substituting s with z. But I must say that I would prefer ‘Ur’ to ‘Ua’ anytime! Even the words ‘hubby’ and ‘lol’ irks me. Whenever someone mentions about their hubby, I feel like they are referring to some merchandise or maybe a puppy. Is ‘husband’ such a long word? And ‘haha’ expresses laughter better than lol. Because when I read something funny, I actually go ‘haha’.
    I apologize if my comment hurts people who use these words earnestly, but I feel they lack the depth that the real words hold and the short versions don’t save time at all!

    ‘Btw’, (I use that one :P) was that 24-36-24 intentional as opposed 36-24-36? 😛

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    1. Hahaha, the hubby one from you made me laugh aloud. I believe in proper usage too; Ua would irk me also…i haven’t come across this though.
      Absolutely agree that emotional connect is getting lost since reading such shorter versions takes the entire charm away!

      I am glad you caught 24-36-24 aspect, just one lady mentioned it earlier! I will correct it now 🙂

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  5. Lol Alok. Loved the post. 😀 I get annoyed when people use short words. We aren’t using Nokia anymore. I mean how hard is it to type you instead of u. 🙂
    When I was in college, we called our friends babes, and such stuff. Though not on FB/social media, if you ever eavesdropped on our actual conversations, you might hear liberal use of those endearments. 😀 😛 Except for the endearments, our conversations are more intellectual than your post. At least, I think that. 😛 😛
    Have a great weekend!

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  6. Have you got access to a special group on FB..this is hilarious Alok. I am going to watch out what I speak on FB now lol! Well I use babes often waise its better than using sweetie or darling that may make their spouses insecure!!

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  7. Many people use many words to sound cool without knowing what it should be used for. I’m not sure how they find it, but for audiences like us, it is hilarious I tell you. Specially when it comes to people who are all about showing off 😀

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