Let’s rewrite The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story!

I am sure you would have watched or read The Jungle Book tales. The stories of how Mowgli, a young boy raised in the Indian jungles by wolves fought the tiger Share Khan with the help of Baloo the bear and Bagheera the blank panther. Many other characters played a role as well in creating the fairy tales.

When the stories were written, there were hardly any fascinating weapons, but still The Jungle Book created that magical connect that kept the kids and the adults hooked to it. However, with the advances in technology and with the recent success of the thrilling ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ movie, we all have taken our liking to a whole new level.

To make The Jungle Book appeal to our generation, how about rewriting the stories of Rudyard Kipling by upgrading the characters, so we all can relive the fun. Exciting, isn’t it? Imagine Mowgli having high-tech troops at his disposal to fight the enemy on another planet. Well, the adventure will have a whole new meaning!

We are not talking about the Weapons of Mass Destruction though, just the armory of the Stars Wars would be enough to create the thrill 🙂

Looking back, it looks relatively easy how Mowgli and his company fought the opposition, but now the ‘The First Order’ ruled by Share Khan is quite tech savvy. Mowgli would need to update his skills many folds and have his team use the latest technology to fight the mighty as he looks forward to emerging as the leader of ‘The Resistance’ and conquering the Galaxy!

In order to get a head start to create the next blockbuster, I would pick characters from the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, which is a digital powerhouse loaded with the Star Wars collection spanning generations. The galactic empire-inspired design of the notebook ensures Star Wars lovers will get immensely involved in its iconic universe.

Following aspects of the device look inspiring to me as i create a winning team for the ‘new’ Mowgli:

Detail oriented: While most of us would feel spellbound by looking at the notebook, but even before you get into the gadget itself, you will see that the protective foam for the system and cardboard box for the power adapter come with the Star Wars theme. Seems HP has gone into the minutest of details. This just sets the stage right to get creative with creating the ultimate extravaganza.


Dark side design: The exterior of the system gives a rugged feeling and as if it has come straight from the battlefield. The dark design of the device creates the right environment to immerse us into the Star Wars universe. In fact, the keyboard also is backlit in dark red.

star-wars2_back coverstar-wars-forward look

System overhaul: To provide for the huge Star Wars interface and content, Windows 10 has been specifically upgraded to support data worth 30GB, and that too with finesse. The sound effects are authentic and even the font can be changed to Aurebesh, the galactic language – and all of the sounds and effects are customizable.

Dedicated command center: An icon on the desktop. Once clicked, it opens up an interface to Star Wars rare collection. This is the digital powerhouse with content spanning across Themes and Galleries. One has at his disposal literally everything from Wallpapers, to Screen Savers, to Sound effects, to Galleries. The collection has over 1,100 images.

Additional bonus: Also comes in the device are the original comics from the 70’s, storyboards, behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, set designs, costumes, e-books and much more. This all makes it a power-packed device.

As if this was not enough, the mouse and protective sleeve are theme based too. Add to it the robust hardware performance. Pretty impressive!


With this much power and content at my fingertips, I am now all set to choose the characters for the Jungle Book, who would fight in the new world order. To be frank, I am so envying Mowgli, as he would experience the thrill that he himself would have never imagined!

If you too wish to #AwakenYourForce, check out the awesome HP Star Wars Limited Edition Notebook.

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77 thoughts on “Let’s rewrite The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story!

  1. Umm…I feel rather sad that my Star Wars knowledge is limited to the adventures of The Big Bang Theory nerds. The HP notebook looks cool!
    I think we all grew watching Mowgli, Ka, Bagheera, Akdu Pakdu etc . 😀 Do you agree a ‘smart’ Mowgli wouldn’t be just as sweet as he was before?

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  2. This was amusing along with keeping people aware of the current Star Wars mania. I was once a fan of Star Wars and am interested in seeing the newest movie, probably on Dvd. The Star Wars limited edition notebook looks cool.
    I am sure you aren’t really considering changing the legendary author from India, Rudyard Kipling’s book. The young people in our world need to appreciate the history of fine books and films. We all did and we learned to find value in the way they told their stories. I would like to see a real life story of “The Jungle Book,” with character development improving the animated film. Smiles, Robin

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    1. Ha Ha Ha, i appreciate your honest and simple take here. I am sure one day we would see an updated version of The Jungle Book (thought not by me).

      Thank you so much for adding, Robin.


  3. Oh yess!! That would be pretty great 🙂 I barely remember bits and pieces of it now it was so long ago. But I am just a little skeptical about the end result if recent work is seen. The untarnished innocence should not get lost.

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  4. Hi Alok,

    You seem as excited as little boys and remind me of my nephew’s son who would love this modernisation of Jungle Book. My grandson is too little but by the time you guys rewrite, he would surely join the fun!! 🙂 🙂

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  5. no nooooooo sir.. dont change mowgli.. how can one forget the song jungle jungle khabar chali hai or something like that .. it reminds me of the childhood day…

    star wars .. did you see the latest movie I saw it last week and sure nostalgia it was .. but a bit sad too ..

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  6. Nice post! Jungle book is my fav cartoon! Throughout my pregnancy I was watching Jungle book episodes on YouTube once I was back home from work and when my son was born, everyone teased me “Chaddi pehenke phool khila hai” hehe! All the best for the contest!

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  7. Please not Mowgli. He is too innocent. We just saw the start of his love story. Dont know what happened after he followed that village girl. You can take it from there. Part 2

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  8. Wow what a fascinating idea of recreating the jungle book with technological advancement. Excellent innovation Alok, I just loved it. Mowgli with lightsaber!? Great.

    I hope you win the contest. My best wishes.

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