Travel Planning for Summer Vacation on a Budget

Summer is when the attractions get the most crowd. No wonder, planning for a vacation becomes a tedious task. But if you do your homework well, it can turn out to be the most enjoyable outing you’ve ever had.Blog-Summer-ItineraryBased on my extensive travel in the last few years, here’s what needs the most attention before you hit the road:

– Destination and Itinerary

– Attractions

– Accommodation

– Pack light

– Be flexible with the plan

– Funding

You can read the entire post with details on each point on Money View blog.

27 thoughts on “Travel Planning for Summer Vacation on a Budget

  1. All these are sane and practical advices that everyone can gain from. Booking in advance will save money for both accommodation and flights. I have booked my travel to Singapore atleast 3 months in advance for the flights and two months for hotels. All the money I save provides me additional funds to spend at destination. BTW I didn’t encounter WP app issue this time. May be it’s a large picture size issue?

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  2. Travel planning on a budget can be quite fun. We all have a budget, and while some might see that as limiting, I always see it as a challenge to plan a trip that will is affordable but very much memorable. Packing light is always challenging for me: I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily and like having things at the ready. But luggage usually have weight limits so over time I’ve learnt to buy some stuff at my destination – so long as there are shops around and I have a plan to get there.

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  3. Your planning details brought one hilarious memory…when we travelled for the first time to Srinagar and that too for honeymoon. We didn’t know anything about the place except that it was called ‘paradise on earth’ and that we could stay in a houseboat, a dream come true! Would you believe we carried our suitcases as it is…freshly packed for marriage!!
    We were lucky that all was managed by the houseboat person who arranged all the day trips to places of interest.
    Now we plan each and every detail before moving. Times have changed and experience has taught many lessons. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha…that’s so funny. But many around do something similar.

      Btw, even we make mistakes (till now). On our Hawaii vacation, I took 3 jeans and 3 shorts, while I mostly used shorts there (at 24 degree Celsius). I guess 2 pairs would have been more than sufficient. Moreover, I had 3 track pants…with that 1 jeans would have sufficed!

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  4. It is easy said than followed to plan well and travel peacefully. But, this travel planning guide is sufficient to to that. I like the idea of ‘buying things at destination and trashing it there’. One can get many tips from comment section as well 😀.

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  5. Last couple of years have been a whirlwind of travel for me and these points nail the key aspects. Flexibility is something I will push to the top; I like to make an itinerary that allows for flexibility – be it weather or even laziness 🙂

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  6. (Re-posting my comment, as my name didn’t have the link)
    Though a portion of a vacation can be left unplanned, for the thrill of the unexpected, it’s always wise to make all arrangements. You will save time, money and energy.

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      1. 😀 I hope so, it’s been more than 10 years that I am traveling regularly as a seasonal traveler – I am afraid I am just too stubborn to learn 😀 But should start it sooner.

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    1. I don’t use any external tools as such. We (with my wife) have our own set of google docs and excel sheets that we use…we’ve created them over the years.


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