The Ring Story

Like any other female, Saru (my wife) too has a craze for jewelry. Since marriage, she has moved from fancying just Gold to Diamonds to Rubies and these days, Platinum is on her mind. We normally visit jewelry store almost every month and only God knows how much time she spends surfing jewelry websites. It’s something that makes her happy. Moreover, she likes to keep herself updated with the trends in the fashion world. On many occasions I have actually planned routes so that we miss the ‘costly encounter’ at the stores but none have worked out so far. In fact, I’ve ended up shelling more money overall. So much so that Handbags, Home Furnishings, Clothes and even Jewelry is reflected boldly on my credit card statements. Believe me!

While on one such trip to Macy’s in 2012, a Diamond ring with Ruby in the center caught her fancy, but then it was quite expensive for us – $1,600 even after all the discounts (normal, special and because of my Macy’s credit card). Since we were new to the U.S. and were not used to buying expensive items impulsively, we reluctantly passed by the section, but not after trying the ring on and inquiring about the price and payment options. I had actually recently applied for the Macy’s Credit Card back then. Since the ring was quite unique and this time I wanted to be generous, even after coming out of the store itself, I still kept on thinking about the ring. However, Saru kept on insisting it is too expensive and we are taking a call too soon.

After a while I was able to convince her to go back to Macy’s and check it again. So, we went back and looked closely at the ring. Seeing glitter in her eyes this time again, I made up my mind to buy it. I took out my Macy’s card and tried doing the transaction, but it didn’t go through, may be since it was a new card. The saleswoman asked me to talk to their Customer Support from home and check on the same. Feeling dejected, we came back home.

While on the way back, I was still thinking about buying it that very day. Once home, I called up Macy’s and got the Credit Card issue resolved. Around 9pm in the night, I again boarded the bus to Macy’s and went straight to buy that ring. After the transaction, I literally had the glitter in my eyes too! After coming back home and showing the ring to Saru, she was on cloud nine. She says it’s her favorite piece of jewelry after the engagement ring, of course.

Here’s a picture of her Ring she posted on Instagram a few months back 🙂

Saru Diamond Ruby Ring

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81 thoughts on “The Ring Story

  1. Nice post. I have a similar story on my trip to Bangkok. I got a black pearl ring for my wife here. Although it was not as expensive as yours, but the moment was special…

    I like your concern of boarding a bus at 9 in the evening to get that ring for your beloved. ‘No matter what it takes, style’. Now that is what I call a true love story….

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  2. very nice ring and it has a nice story too. You are fortunate to have partner like Saru ji . very fortunate couple you are , both are bloggers .

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  3. Its really amazing to know you went out of your way to make your wife happy 🙂 that memory itself is a treasure for life for you guys.
    I am happy to see so much love and affection 🙂
    Loved reading the post.
    It was definitely a fantastic #DilKiDeal 🙂

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  4. The ring is truly amazing Alok so you would have gathered all the brownie points from Saru 🙂 I have tagged you for Five Day Foto Challenge, see if you can take it forward, understand it must be a busy schedule 🙂

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  5. I know what you mean. Your wife should be very happy to wear such a nice ring. My brother is a jeweler, so there was a time when I was buying jewelry regularly for my wife. Every time you see the ring, you will remember how you felt when you bought it, and how it made her feel. Good luck.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

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  6. Even I have such a specimen!

    Not the ring, but the wife. And, she ensures that I love only her and none else.

    Loved this too! Read your 4th post and I think I’ll read all and reply. You may hide these replies.

    I’m much educated to abuse, so even if there’s criticism, it’d be decent.

    I really love your posts.

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      1. Great, Alok.

        I knew that you will have this attribute. You are a master, anyway. It’s my turn to learn now. Hahaha

        Love the way you play with words! And yes. I’m sure I’d love the rest. Have read only a few. You should really consider publishing yourself!

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      2. Thank you for these motivating comments 😀

        Being a full time on the job it is really hard to work full time on writing as well…maybe i can think about publishing in a few years. Nice suggestion!


  7. Thank you for visiting my Enchanted Blog. After reading this story I believe that you know a thing or two about enchantment! Very sweet. May Saru wear her ring in the best of health and may you be well as you enjoy the glitter in her eyes. Stop by again, soon.

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